The Guessing Jar

In the month of February, we had an opportunity for students to guess the number of hearts in the jar of candy hearts. There were 5 guesses ranging from 87 to 402.  The actual number of hearts in the jar was 351.  Congratulations to Lexxie for guessing the closest number, 402.    We welcome you […]

Fall Open House 2017

Thank you to everyone who braved the roads to come and celebrate moving into our new space!  Tricia Barnett, Wasilla CyberLynx Teacher, Ann Slabaugh, parent and High School Completion Teacher, and Sue Button, Special Education Teacher, stopped by the office to say hi and chat with parents.  Traveling from the northern regions of our state […]

We’ve Moved!!

Out of the old place… And into the new place…   October has been a busy month!  Ruth Bako has joined the CyberLynx Anchorage team as the new Administrative Assistant, and we’ve moved locations.  We are located in the Anchorage Business Park  located just off Tudor and C Street, Building N, Suite 46. Use the […]

Valentine’s Day Fun

February has been quite a month around the office.  As you may know, I am on crutches due to a tibia head fracture, and have been out of the office for most of the month.  I was able to make it into the office the week of Valentine’s and keep the scheduled fun day!  The […]

Alaska Zoo Field Trip

Thanks to everyone who braved the cold Anchorage weather (10 degrees) and attended the Zoo Field Trip!     When I first arrived at the zoo, the thermometer in the car indicated that it was a balmy 5 degrees outside.  I was hoping that I was not going to regret my early morning enthusiasm, punctuated […]