Alaska Zoo Field Trip

Thanks to everyone who braved the cold Anchorage weather (10 degrees) and attended the Zoo Field Trip!




When I first arrived at the zoo, the thermometer in the car indicated that it was a balmy 5 degrees outside.  I was hoping that I was not going to regret my early morning enthusiasm, punctuated by a very strong, “We are Alaskans after all!” statement.

As parents arrived with children bundled in snowsuits, scarves, hats, and gloves, the temperature had rose along with the sun on the horizon.



With clipboards and activities in hand, we headed into the zoo.  Our first stop was the Polar Bear exhibit.  No bears in sight, but we were not dismayed, agreed to stop in again at the end of our visit and off we went through the zoo.




Occasionally we came across another brave soul or two as we made our way past the exhibits, but for the most part, the zoo was ours!  I am grateful that there were others at the zoo, because I dropped my credit card along the path as I was taking the camera out of my pocket, and they turned it into the gift shop. A very big THANK YOU to that wonderful couple!





img_0058Our arrival time at the zoo was fortuitous, as it was feeding time for many of the animals, and those that might not be very active during the day were.


We stopped by the Lynx exhibit to pay homage to our school mascot and were excited to see them playing.  The zoo currently has a female Lynx on loan to the zoo for breeding purposes.





This big fellow was not in the large eagle enclosure at the zoo, but instead, right next to the Golden Eagle enclosure.  It looked as though his wing was wounded, but while we were watching, he attempted to fly.  The picture doesn’t do him any justice…that is one big bird!










A little fun before we headed over to the wolves.


The humans were working in the wolf enclosure the first trip by, but they were  howling and yipping later as they were released.






img_0064img_0063The river otters entertained us with a game of chase, then came right to the edge of the enclosure and posed for some pictures.








A little sunshine for us as we rounded the corner by the Sitka Black Tailed Deer enclosure.  It was the first time that the scarves were removed from faces!










At this time we ALL decided it was time to head to the Cafe for a hot cocoa and warm up a bit and work on our Safari kits!






img_0072img_0073Look at all those rosy cheeks!  The hot cocoa, cider, and coffee were just what we needed to thaw out the chilled fingers and toes!  By this time, we had wandered through the zoo for almost two hours, so it was hard to put all of our gear on and head out to see the rest of the zoo.





Once warmed up, we headed back to the polar bear enclosure….

img_0075 img_0076

Luckily this big fellow was lounging in the cold air.  Later we found out that the female polar bear was in the new enclosure area because they weren’t sure if she was pregnant….now wouldn’t that be cool, but we’ll have to wait and see.





Last stop on our chilly afternoon was the seal exhibit.  We found two of them swimming along, then one became fascinated with a couple of our younger students…This seal looked like it was kissing the window where the girls stood!




Not as many pictures as I would have liked to have taken, but I kept my hands in my pockets as much as possible to keep them warm.  I’m looking forward to our next zoo adventure in the spring when we will definitely have more pictures to show!

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