CyberLynx + Private School Partnerships

Every student, every family, and every situation is different, and this is one of our core philosophies at CyberLynx. For this reason, CyberLynx supports students and families in whatever way they choose to educate their children. Parent choice is important because parents know what is best for their children, and parents are a child’s first and best teacher. 

CyberLynx is proud to partner with other vendors, including local private schools, who can provide courses of study to our students. These courses are eligible for reimbursement to our enrolled CyberLynx students. 

When a student enrolls with CyberLynx, we will help the parent establish a list of classes. As few as four classes are required to be full-time with CyberLynx and receive the full allotment of $2,700 for grades K-12. CyberLynx students may select courses that are offered at local private schools, or that are offered through other correspondence study vendors, or that are taught independently at home. 

Please see below for a list of private schools with whom CyberLynx is a partner.

Here are some frequently asked questions that may be useful to you: 


What does it take to enroll?

In order to enroll, call your local CyberLynx office to make an appointment or complete the application for enrollment on our website, and we will call you. We can complete this appointment in person, over the phone, or on Zoom. At that appointment, we will establish a list of classes and identify the source for each of those classes. The source for one or all of these classes could be a local private school. 

Can CyberLynx reimburse for tuition at a private school? 

CyberLynx cannot simply reimburse for private school tuition, but we can reimburse for individual courses taken by a student when the student is enrolled with CyberLynx and taking identified courses from a local private school. There is no limit on how much of the $2,700 can be used for these kinds of courses. Please check with one of our contact teachers to find out which classes from which schools are reimbursable. 


How does CyberLynx determine what classes are eligible for reimbursement, and for how much? 

CyberLynx cannot pay for religious instruction (Bible classes, etc.) or for classes that utilize an entirely religious curriculum or doctrinal perspective. For example, many private schools, even religiously affiliated schools, teach a math course using a secular math curriculum that could be used in a public school. This would be an eligible, reimbursable course. In another example, if a course in science used a faith-based curriculum, that would not be eligible for reimbursement. 

Contact your local CyberLynx office for more specific information.

A parent or guardian may purchase nonsectarian services and materials from a public, private, or religious organization with a student allotment provided under this section if 

  1. the services and materials are required for the course of study in the individual learning plan developed for the student under AS 14.03.300
  2. textbook, services, and other curriculum materials and the course of study 
    1. are approved by the school district;
    2. are appropriate for the student;
    3. are aligned to state standards; and 
    4. comply with AS 14/03.090 and AS 14.14.060
  3. the services and materials otherwise support a public purpose. 
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