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CyberLynx is more than just a correspondence program. We are your partner in the homeschool journey. We are big enough to offer a robust homeschool experience but small enough to remember your name and the goals you have for your child's education.

Learn more about our competitive allotment, all-inclusive technology reimbursement, and large selection of curriculum!

Technology Reimbursement

We are proud to offer one of the best technology programs in the State! In addition to allotment coverage for computers, including iPads, Kindles, and Nooks, we provide a $50 per month reimbursement for the internet plan of your choice! We are partnered with AT&T to offer our families a portable, mobile hotspot (MiFi) to connect multiple Wi-Fi-enabled devices to the internet at once.

Competitive Allotment

Our allotment is highly competitive among Statewide correspondence programs! We offer significant funding options for full, half-time, and even ¾ time students. We also provide a $50 per month internet reimbursement on top of allotment funding. We also provide preschool enrollment and funding when an older sibling is fully enrolled. 

Curriculum Selection

We strive to give parents as much choice and flexibility as possible regarding curriculum! For parents who are new to homeschooling, we can assist in the selection of “grade level in a box” packages. For those who are more experienced or would like more flexibility, we allow “a la carte” curriculum selection. Approved “parent designed” and faith-based curricula are also allowed!


CyberLynx + Private School Partnerships

Every student, every family, and every situation is different, and this is one of our core philosophies at CyberLynx. For this reason, CyberLynx supports students and families in whatever way they choose to educate their children. Parent choice is important because parents know what is best for their children, and parents are a child’s first …

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January High School Completion Graduation

The High School Completion office in Anchorage hosted a graduation ceremony in early January at the Loussac Library, celebrating the graduation of fifteen students. In all, 21 students have graduated so far this school year. The event featured a commencement speech by Roger Hammacher from Nine Star, as well as speeches from many of the …

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Student Art Exhibit

CyberLynx recently hosted a student art exhibit to showcase the talents of our students (and staff!). Over 50 pieces of original student art were collected, and Marnie Port did an excellent job of arranging and displaying them in a gallery-style format. Families were invited to the office to view all of the pieces, and several …

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