Technology Reimbursement

CyberLynx is proud to offer one of the best technology programs among the statewide correspondence programs.

Computer Procurement Programs

There are a few different ways to acquire a computer for your student. The first is with a one-time reimbursement of up to $250 taken from the student’s allotment. We can also order a computer for you so that there is no out-of-pocket expense, provided the computer is priced below $250. Each individual student can secure a computer in this way. Another method is through the Computer Lease Program, described below.

Computer Lease Program

The Computer Lease Program allows the family to purchase a new computer at any time during the school year. Families are free to purchase from a retail store whatever new computer best meets their family’s needs and preferences. Bring the original receipt for the computer and a signed Computer Reimbursement Form to the CyberLynx site office. CyberLynx will reimburse the family for the computer at the rate $38 per month for 36 months or until the computer is paid off. If the student withdraws from the program, computer reimbursement payments will cease, and the computer remains the property of the family. These reimbursements are over and above the student’s allotment, and do not impact the allotment. Payments are made to the family according to the schedule of disbursements below.

Payments for these months......will be made by these dates.
July 1 through October 31November 15
November 1 through December 31January 15
January 1 through February 28March 15
March 1 through April 30May 15
May 1 through June 30July 15

Families can acquire multiple computers through our Computer Lease programs. If the family full time student count is three to four, families are allowed two computers under any combination of these programs. If there are five to six full time students, families are allowed three computers. Families may re-qualify for a computer upon the termination of the previous computer program.

Tablet computers, iPads, Nooks, Kindles, other E-readers

One iPad or tablet per full-time student will be reimbursed every two years through a one-time reimbursement of a one-time $250 taken out of student allotment account or through the Computer Reimbursement Program. Families may submit a pre-approval for a new iPad or tablet prior to the two years at the discretion of the principal.

Internet Reimbursement

CyberLynx will reimburse families with at least one full-time student for up to $50 for their monthly internet service. The internet reimbursement does not come out of the student’s allotment, but is a benefit over and above the allotment. The individual family is responsible for establishing their internet service and keeping their account current. For reimbursement, families must submit their monthly statements of internet charges and proof of payment along with the internet reimbursement form. We will reimburse for internet for all months enrolled, July through June.

Requests for internet reimbursement must be made within six months of the monthly statement. Statements older than six months will not be paid. Families must be currently enrolled in order to be reimbursed for internet.

Some areas in Alaska do not have local internet service. In these cases, CyberLynx does not pay for long-distance charges associated with dial-up service, nor does CyberLynx does not pay for phone lines.

AT&T MiFi Personal Hotspot

CyberLynx has partnered with AT&T to provide our families with mobile internet connectivity. If you chose, CyberLynx will provide your family with an AT&T MiFi. The AT&T Mobile Hotspot MiFi is a portable mobile hotspot with the ability to simultaneously connect up to 5 Wi-Fi enabled devices (personal computers, mobile phones, digital cameras, music players, digital picture frames, gaming consoles, etc.) to the internet.

This service is provided by AT&T, but only CyberLynx can set up an account for you. CyberLynx will pay $50 per month directly to AT&T for the MiFi service.

Please make sure AT&T service is available in your area prior to signing up. To participate, a least one child in the family must continue to be a full-time-enrolled CyberLynx student. Internet service will be disconnected on the date of withdrawal from the CyberLynx program. CyberLynx will offer this internet service to our families for as long as it is available from ATT.

Families can select a monthly internet reimbursement OR use the AT&T MiFi device, but cannot do both. Please contact your local site office for more information or to sign up for a MiFi device.


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