CyberLynx is a statewide, state-funded public home school program established by Nenana City School District in 1997.

The program provides support, guidance, assistance, and accountability for families who choose to home school their children: preschool through high school.

We offer:

  • Individualized approach to education
  • Multiple curriculum choices
  • Competitive student allotments
  • Tutoring reimbursement
  • Preschool sibling allotments
  • Computers for education
  • Special Education support (contact us)
  • High school credit recovery
  • Completion options for high school
  • College credit options

Offices located in Anchorage, Wasilla, Fairbanks and Nenana . Each office is staffed with certified teachers serving students across Alaska.

Mission Statement

CyberLynx's mission is to provide resources and support to facilitate a successful alternative learning environment for students.

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Welcome to CyberLynx State Correspondence Program where homeschooling parents are supported and assisted every step of the way in developing their child's education. We feature the following:

  • Pleasant customer service tailored to you individual needs.
  • Tutoring appointments on a regular basis with certified teachers.
  • Special Education teachers are at all offices to help with special needs students.
  • A high school completion component is in place to specifically address credit recovery for at risk high school students who have previously left school.
  • IPADs and computers are available through several programs.
  • $50 per month will be paid by CyberLynx for high speed Internet for full-time students.
  • To assist families using faith based curriculum, CyberLynx can purchase or reimburse secular materials from some faith based companies.
  • Families can design their own courses under the supervision of their assigned teacher with final approval from the Nenana School Board.

Our program is staffed with dedicated professionals who have remained with the program for five or more years. When you become comfortable with a teacher, you can be assured they will remain with you for the future. Stability and support...that's CyberLynx!


Brian Rozell, Principal 

Additional Information

For policies and procedures please refer to the CyberLynx Handbook.