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CyberLynx is NOW TAKING APPLICATIONS for the 2024-2025 school year! 

The CyberLynx application process is easy.

  1. Fill out the online Enrollment Application, or if you would prefer to download a PDF of the application and turn it in to your local CyberLynx office, you can find that here. Please note that a copy of the child’s birth certificate is needed only if he or she has not previously attended another public school.
  2. A CyberLynx representative will contact you to discuss enrollment requirements.
  3. Meet with your certified teacher to develop a list of classes for your student.

NOTE: Completing and submitting the enrollment application does not mean that your student is enrolled in CyberLynx. You must meet with a CyberLynx-certified teacher to complete the requisite paperwork and create an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP).

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What to Expect at the Meeting

Your certified teacher will be ready to listen to the story of your child’s educational journey to this point and what you hope to happen in the coming school year. We will also be prepared to answer any questions you may have about CyberLynx or about homeschooling your child. Together with you, we will develop a list of classes or subjects you want to be enrolled in and the best curriculum for each class. Curricular options are selected with support from the certified teacher to meet the individual needs of each student. Once the list of classes (we call this the PER) is complete, the CyberLynx office may order your curriculum. When the curricula arrive, you can begin the school year. Every family is different, establishing individual daily, weekly, and to some extent, yearly schedules. Note: The required assessments (beginning, mid-year, and end of year) present parents with valuable information about how their child’s academic progress and level develop over the course of a school year. Please see the CURRICULUM page on this website for more information.

Monthly Contact

  • Contact is required with each student’s primary site office certified teacher at a minimum of once a month to ensure students are adequately progressing through the school year.
  • Monthly contact may occur in person, at the site office, by telephone, or by email.
  • The Student Monthly Academic Progress Form is a handy way to track and communicate the monthly academic progress of each student.

Work Samples

  • Student work samples are required quarterly, for each class (and curriculum) the student is taking documented on their ILP.
  • Work samples are a brief portfolio of work generated by the student during each quarter of the academic year.
  • Work samples consist of daily lessons, quizzes, unit tests, as well as other supporting coursework, showing students’ independent work.
  • Certified teachers will review work samples, allow parents to provide input regarding the student’s grades and progress, and document the student’s progress and grades accordingly. (This would be the time when curriculum or level changes can be discussed).
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